Veggie wok

Serves 4 : Very easy : Quick
300gms firm tofu, cut into sticks
1 onion, finely chopped
4 courgettes, sliced
100gm broccoli florets
150gm mushrooms, sliced
2 sticks celery, sliced
50gms radish, cut into matchsticks
1 baby cabbage, finely shredded
8 asparagus spears, chopped
1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
200gm broad beans (tinned)

200gm brown rice

Cook the rice in lightly salted boiling water until tender.
Drain and keep warm.

Spray a small frying pan with non-stick cooking spray.
Dry fry the tofu sticks over a medium heat until they are browned all over.
Keep warm.

Spray a wok with non-stick cooking spray and place over a low to medium heat.

Dry fry the onion, celery, mushrooms and broccoli for 2 – 3 minutes.
Add a ¼ cup of water, the courgettes, and asparagus.
Cover and allow to steam for another 5 minutes.
Now toss in the peppers, beans and cabbage and stir fry until the cabbage wilts.

Serve the tofu sticks stacked on top of the vegetables, with the rice underneath.

A stir-fry is a good way to use up the veg in your fridge at the end of the week. You can use almost any vegetables in a stir-fry. The ones I used are just what happened to be in the crisper.